Open up to all the possibilites

Not always so | Mindfulbalance Blog

The post Not always so | Mindfulbalance Blog written by Karl Duffy really opens my mind!

Actually it helps me understand artistic blocks and even when I am training horses, why I feel limited in my scope.

I remember when I started creating jewelry. I knew nothing. I knew even less than nothing! And so, I simply picked up parts and pieces and started putting them together just to please myself.  There were no preconceived notions holding me to the outcome of my actions. It has only been  2 years and I have quickly lost my ability to see the creative options ! I have forgotten how to be spontaneous and open-minded in my work methods. I have narrowed my thinking to precisions and absolutes and  have lost touch with that new, expansive thinking  that allowed me to simply create!

Karl has reminded us that we have the ability to return to mindfulness at any given moment. We  have the resource readily available to expand our thinking, open up the Universal flow, and make all things possible.

Today I will find the time to sit still  and breathe in mindfulness. I will be open to the experience that flows around me and through me to flow freely and without limit. I will let the expert in me have a day off and set the child afoot to explore the possibilities!

“Breathing in,  I open myself to all possibilities that are available now….Breathing out I let go of  all limits.”




Meaning of Namaste

I love the article by Aadil Palkhivala the Meaning of Namaste. This article is beautifully written and paints a peaceful picture of the ritual. I love to use the word as my salutation to all because I want to always see the spark within each being.  I find myself putting my hands together at heart center often and bowing my head in many different situations, and with all kinds of sentient beings.  Each time I perform this lovely movement I am overwhelmed by the softness that the energy and silence brings.

Please check this article out today and I think you may see the kindness and peace that it brings just by hearing the word.

Namaste' hand mudra

So to you I place my hands together in prayer at my third eye and down to my heart center, closing my eyes and bowing my head I fully release myself to the inner light within bothof us, inhale….Exhale….Namaste’