Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks





When you hear or read the word Namaste, you can see the beauty and serenity in its meaning. A lovely word that is full of peace and recognition in the oneness of all…
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The art of life isn’t controlling what happens, which is 

impossible; it’s using what happens.

~Gloria Steinem

So, I am sitting here thinking as always that I want to change my blog title…again…I love change. I love to move things around, hide them under and in places, rearrange the ufriutnre (heehee) and make anew! I realize how much I am a sprite-flittering to and fro. One moment I feel like I want to be this and another that. A shape shifter if you will.

I know that ‘Once upon a time’  I was a woodland spirit. I can recall roaming free on the moss govered ground of the forest. I would hide under lovely capped mushrooms and old decayed trees with my knees pulled up to my chin watching and listening to the song of the rain as it seemed to dance to it’s own music. My wings were lovely wings, translucent with colors akin to that of the aura borialis, and most importantly I was able to shift into anything that grabbed my fancy at the moment.

I feel deep sorrow for that life lost and a wanting to return. I search for the faires and the earth elementals throughout the day, listening for the quiet whispers calling me home. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not missing God in my life because I am a believer in magic and enchantment, just the opposite my dears. In the connections I have made to the trees, rocks, wind and sky, I have been closest to God’s warm embrace. I have heard God singing through the rustling of the leaves, dancing of the rain and whistle of the wind. And when I was as a woodland spirit, I layed my head on God’s lap as I rested against the moss covered trees and I dreamt.

I dreamt of bigger things to come and awoke in a darkened forest covered with fog! So….here I am, always looking for change, always needing to rearrange. My life seems somewhat of  a puzzle and I am attempting to put the picture back together that I once loved. I guess in a  sense I was all that once, a child who knew Nature and was able to be  anything that could be conjured in the minds eye. And yes, I did awaken (slowly perhaps) in a forest covered with thickets too wicked and thick to manuever.

Today however, I think perhaps I will be a faere again and listen to the breath of God…