Treat everyone and everything with loving compassion.

When you see no difference between the sacred and the profane, the saint or the sinner, That is the ultimate wisdom.


The Ultimate Wisdom….


Self-Observation Isn’t for Wimps

The Great suffering of the lone “I”

Breath and be still

Sit silent in observation

We are not seperate from the process we call life, but are the process

As each drop of water becomes the “ocean” there is no seperation but a whole

It is each drop that creates the movement, life and ebb and flow which we label “Ocean”

All one unto, into and through and through.

Allness, Universe, Oneness, Nothingness, Allah, God, It

It matters not what your mind tries to name it ~ you will never truly separate “IT”

but only seperate yourself into suffering thus becoming the lone “I”

The “I” which you believe yourself to be can profess to the Universe you are different

And try to convince others who suffer from this same affliction to follow

But you will never truly be that separation which your mind suffers deeply and desires

It is when the observer within you is able to see this truth you will feel contentment

And although the process of life will still seek balance through yin and yang, war and peace you will observe the truth

knowing that you as the lone “I”  will never intimately know the great body of the vast eternity but only as IT!


11. Those who mistake the unessential to be essential
and the essential to be unessential,
dwelling in wrong thoughts,
never arrive at the essential.

~Dhammapada (1. Pairs)

Manna for the Mind

Inspirational Friday


Of Happiness and Hope


Happiness is a myth we seek,

If Manifested surely irks;

Like river speeding to the plain,

On its arrival slows and murks.

For man is happy only in

His aspirations to the heights

When he attains his goal, he cools

And longs for other distant flights.

If you should meet a happy one

Who is contented with his lot,

Unlike the rest of all mankind,

Pray his Nirvana disturb not.

~The Procession of Gibran~


“And in the end our souls shall know no limits and we shall want no more” 

~Pasquale Varone

        Enjoy and  Namaste’

Damn the truth! ;)…"In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher." ~ Dalai Lama

We are encumbered on a daily basis by life lessons and are continually searching in the deepest forest of our soul for an escape.

 Most commonly when we ask for a change to occur, or we choose to practice deeply a certain state of being, such as tolerance, patience or peace, we bring into our lives, that which we need most to truly understand.   

So… the next time you believe that you need to ask/pray for a change in your current situation, instead be still in your heart and mind. And smile while you remind yourself that you are already in the presence of opportunity.