Meaning of Namaste

I love the article by Aadil Palkhivala the Meaning of Namaste. This article is beautifully written and paints a peaceful picture of the ritual. I love to use the word as my salutation to all because I want to always see the spark within each being.  I find myself putting my hands together at heart center often and bowing my head in many different situations, and with all kinds of sentient beings.  Each time I perform this lovely movement I am overwhelmed by the softness that the energy and silence brings.

Please check this article out today and I think you may see the kindness and peace that it brings just by hearing the word.

Namaste' hand mudra

So to you I place my hands together in prayer at my third eye and down to my heart center, closing my eyes and bowing my head I fully release myself to the inner light within bothof us, inhale….Exhale….Namaste’



4 thoughts on “Meaning of Namaste

  1. infinitecontactee says:

    Loved what you have to say here. Even to do this inwardly – since at times it’s not always possible to do the hand positions – really changes the energy, especially when the “other” in the space is someone who has previously given me difficulties. With persistence, it can transform a relationship and even bring a new friend. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. […] Meaning of Namaste ( […]

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