My Designs

I must admit that I’m not very good at this whole blog thing…. but I’m also sure that it will not take you long to figure this out on your own… WTH i’m jumping in with both feet!
I guess I started this whole blog because what I am good at, needs some more exposure. I’ve been told blogging is the way to go (ok, well see) 

I’ve only been designing bohemian  jewelry for over a year now and I really love it!!! So I will start it off by  posting a couple pictures of my Copper  OOAK rings and Memorablia bracelets. Little eclectic sculptures of copper and/or Silver…They are very raw, twisted and hammered metals some scraps. Creating with minimal skill has really allowed my jewelry an ancient feel. Very vintage or victorian or as I prefer to believe, Faere Talesque. 

Most of the time I feel as though I am a woodland Elf  working on magical jewelry that is etherical and full of spirits. 

I feel free from bounds of society and what I love the most is that I don’t give a flying funk whether anyone likes it or not! Because simply enough, I  do!!!

Sometimes I find myself just looking at the little sculptures I have created and feel blessed to have made something so very cool. (Honestly I believe that Its the earth elementals that work through me 🙂


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